Lyset Cadena

Lyset Cadena began her career working for the Washington State Senate as partisan policy staff. She worked on economic development, agriculture, and transportation issues and helped Senators develop strategies to ensure their priorities were adopted. After six years at the legislature, she left to work for a local government non-profit, but found she missed the legislative process. In 2015, Lyset began her lobbying career as a City of Seattle lobbyist working on affordable housing, homelessness, transportation, and the three budgets (operating, capital, and transportation). In late 2017, Lyset Cadena started Cadena Consulting with clients that included City of Burien, City of Edmonds, City of Seattle, CHI Franciscan, School’s Out Washington, and the Woodland Park Zoo. Throughout Lyset’s career she has been active in transportation, revenue, human services, public health, early learning, and natural resources issues.