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Chamber Celebrates Funding for Bellevue Transportation Projects

Contract Lobbyist, Bellevue Chamber

As the Washington Legislature wrapped up a 60-day session, the passage of a new $16.9 billion transportation package marks a major legislative victory for Eastside legislators and the City of Bellevue.  

The legislation, entitled Move Ahead WA, makes significant investments in the state’s highways, ferries, transit, bike, and pedestrian corridors. But here in Bellevue, this legislation secures nearly $500 million in funding for Bellevue-area projects, including a critical $450 million investment for the Interstate 405 Corridor Improvements.  

Other Bellevue projects include:  

  • Rapid Flashing Beacon on State St at 7th Avenue S: $150,000   
  • Eastrail Multi-use corridor through Bellevue: $18 million   
  •  Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail “Bellevue Gap”: $6.9 million   
  •  Sidewalk on E Side of 116th Ave NE from NE 73rd to North of NE 75th Place: $500,000   
  •  SR 520 & 148th Ave NE bicycle/pedestrian crossing: $8 million   

The tireless work of Senators Patty Kuderer, Lisa Wellman, Representatives Vandana Slatter, Amy Walen, My-Linh Thai, and Tana Senn – among others – cannot be understated. The Bellevue Chamber and the City of Bellevue are grateful for their role in securing this vital funding.  

“Bellevue will face unprecedented infrastructure challenges as the city continues to be a top destination for new residents and businesses. The funding secured by our Eastside legislators will further solidify Bellevue as an economic powerhouse in the region,” said Dave Hamilton, Chair of the Bellevue Chamber’s Policy Council. “We especially appreciate the work of Sen. Kuderer, Rep. Slatter, Rep. Walen, and the transportation committee chairs for making Bellevue’s infrastructure improvements a reality.”   

“Many of the projects funded by Move Ahead WA were included in the City of Bellevue and the Chamber’s joint transportation priorities for 2021 and 2022,” said Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson. “The allocation of nearly $500 million to benefit our city will ensure Bellevue keeps pace with growth and continues to be a great place to raise a family or own a business for years to come.”  

The Chamber and city plan to continue its partnership on infrastructure work in the legislature next session with several significant Eastside projects still awaiting funding.  

Above photo from Bellevue Chamber’s Transportation Tour last July. The tour showcased critical transportation priorities in advance of the 2022 legislative session. A diverse group of public and private stakeholders, including City of Bellevue leadership, Washington State legislators, and business leaders, departed from downtown park on the 80-minute bus tour across Bellevue. The tour highlighted seven key transportation infrastructure projects in order to build support for their inclusion in a state transportation package. Legislators in attendance included State Senator Patty Kuderer, State House Transportation Chair Jake Fey, and State Representatives Roger Goodman, Tana Senn, Vandana Slatter, and Larry Springer. The City of Bellevue was represented by Mayor Robinson and Councilmembers Jennifer Robertson and Janice Zahn. Bellevue Transportation Director Andrew Singelakis, Assistant Director of Capital Program Services, Ron Kessack, and Eastrail Partners Executive Director helped narrate the tour.